Design, Create.

Being a Graphic and Web Designer is like waking up to the perfect day every day, just the thought of being creative is exciting – it’s the best part of what I do and I think my work reflects that.

Brand design and development


Education: Management Information System
Implemented the rebranding program within their education division. Developed and facilitated change programs for divisional roll-out. Redesigned collateral for print and digital marketing. Ensured all channels and touchpoints followed the new brand protocols.


Fitness: Exercise & Weight Management
Brand design for 5DFit, an independent fitness company providing classes for individuals who were considering or actively looking to improve their health and fitness. The brand personality focused on empowerment and a readiness for change, this was reflected through their lifecycle marketing.

Harper Collins

Education: Online Vocabulary Learning
Product branding with emphasis on developing brand personality, awareness and equity. Heavy use of digital marketing channels as well as traditional advertising, exhibition and case study collateral. The introduction of advocacy programs and community based social media groups.

Graphic Design


Wellbeing: Great For Life
The creation of collateral for Brand Licensees. This included the production of material for digital and traditional channels. Camera ready PDF artwork, produced with editable regions, available online via a secure extranet.

The Simpsons

Retail: Merchandising
The design of merchanise and their packaging for the brand 'The Simpsons' liaising closely with Fox Studios. This included working with global manufacturers, retailers and reproduction companies.

The Turds

Retail: Product Development
Graphical and developmental support in the production of collecta'bowls and other in-house developed products including brands; 'The Turds', 'Leo' and 'Not So Scary Monsters' and 'Hammer House of Horror'.

What if Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Alan Turing, Isaac Newton, Alexander Fleming, Marie Curie or even Mary Berry had never been born? What we do might not seem world shaking but who knows were our ideas will take us!