We spend a lot of time at work so make it a happy place.

With so much time spent at work it's just as important to find a good 'fit' as it is the right skill sets. Employing the right person, to accomplish your goals, can matter hugely to both the individual and the organisation.

So why contact Karen?

As well as an impressive list of core competencies Karen brings a wealth of experience. She is a huge team player with a “can do” attitude; willing to stretch herself and take on new challenges.

Her work ethic, integrity and personal values will ensure you have not just a great employee but also a valued asset. Her quick wit, insight and inventiveness contributes to an energetic and fresh office dynamic. Her positive relationships assures successful outcomes and satisfied stakeholders.

Karen is a company fit but will also bring a little zest, joy and fun into the mix. She is an incredibly happy person and as such is a fantastic motivator.

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